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Very brief summary of the revised roadmap as at August 2010:

RAD Studio XE:

  • coming late 2010
  • adds Delphi for PHP into the RAD Studio bundle
  • latest .NET, ASP.NET and MONO support for Delphi PRISM
  • support for cloud computing including Microsoft AZURE integration
  • deploy to Amazon EC2 infrastructure

Delphi “Fulcrum” Project:

  • as above, plus a few extras including NativeInt and NativeUInt types in readiness for forthcoming 64bit compiler
  • RESTful server creation with Datasnap

64bit command line compiler:

  • projected to be available 1st half of 2011

Delphi “Pulsar” Project:

  • 64bit compiler built in – for 64bit Win compilation only
  • cross-platform 32bit compiler for Win, Mac OSX and Linux

Delphi “Wheelhouse” Project:

  • extended support for 64bit – adds 64bit compiler for C++ Builder for 64bit Win compilation only
  • cross-platform native Windows, Mac OSX and Linux servers with clients based on dbExpress and DataSnap
  • +/- cross-platform VCL-like components
  • new data binding architecture

Delphi “Commodore” Project:

  • full support for 64bit compilers with RTL and VCL library support in Win, Mac OSX and Linux
  • etc.