Delphi 2007 info

Delphi 2007:

Make sure you install the updates:

Delphi 2007 introduces new Vista functionality and components:

  • TTaskDialog to customise your dialogs
  • Latest dialogs – consider adding global variable UseLatestCommonDialogs if Vista or later and set code to act on this.
  • Theme support
  • Animated controls – May need to use TShellResource to assist, or at least include {$R CopyFiles.res} to provide the new animated images.
  • glass frame – but must set DoubleBuffered := true for form and any controls on the glass area.
  • Application.mainFormOnTaskBar improves visualisation of minimised apps

My number 1 annoying bug in D2007:

  • when you open  a project in the IDE which has a pagecontrol and you click on a component on that pagecontrol, the active page of the page control changes requiring you to manually re-select the original page control. Fortunately this happens only once during a session with that project.

An annoying BDE bug in D2007:

  • when using a TTable to access a Paradox table, you can no longer use a path in the databasename property.
  • previously, you could leave TTable.databasename property as blank and dropping down the TTable.tablename property would give you a list of all tables in the program folder.
  • in D2007, to use tables which are not in a registered BDE alias, you need to link the TTable to a TDatabase, and then in the TDatabase params, create a key path = ‘file path’ where file path is you file path.
  • this is mainly an issue with legacy apps.

links to issues and help:

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