Delphi programmers who have not upgraded since Delphi XE and thus have been very happy just sticking to their VCL programming have until 30th June 2014 to upgrade to Delphi XE 6. After this date, they will not be able to upgrade but will have to pay the full NEW price of the latest Delphi or RAD Studio version.

Should one upgrade now from a purely financial view point?

Short answer … probably yes especially if you really want to start using the many new features of XE 6 now rather than wait for XE 7 which will presumably be even better and will presumably have additional features such as support for iOS 8 development, Bluetooth tethered apps, etc.

Let’s do a little math using the Australian retail prices:

If we assume Delphi XE 7 prices will be similarly priced, then later this year or early next year, one could “upgrade” to Delphi XE 7 Enterprise via 3 mechanisms:

Buy Delphi XE 6 Enterprise now then upgrade again:

  • Delphi XE6 Enterprise upgrade from XE Enterprise = $AU2027 + 10% GST = $AU2290
  • Upgrade 3rd party tools from XE versions: QuickReport = $0 as same major version; Infopower Studio = $AU450; TMS packs eg. $AU 300; TeeChart Pro.  ~$250 = $AU1000
  • Delphi XE 7 Enterprise upgrade (“recharge”) from XE 6 Enterprise = $AU963 + 10% GST = $AU1059 (NB. RRP is actually $AU1624!)
  • Upgrade 3rd party tools from XE6 versions – may be minimal if the subscription license is for 12-24 months
  • Total cost = $AU2290 + $AU1000 + $AU1059 = $AU4349

Purchase Delphi XE  6 Enterprise upgrade and maintenance:

Cost for the upgrade to XE 6 will be ~$AU1000 more but then you get the next new version(s) released in the following 12 months for free – presumably that will give you XE 7 and XE 8, so it could be more cost effective than going for just a re-charge to XE 7, particularly, as I understand you also get access to every prior version as well which can be handy.

Ignore Delphi XE 6 and await Delphi XE 7 Enterprise:

  • Delphi XE7 Enterprise new price = $AU3379 + 10% GST = $AU3717
  • Upgrade 3rd party tools from XE versions: QuickReport = $0 as same major version; Infopower Studio = $AU450; TMS packs eg. $AU 300; misc.  $250 = $AU1000
  • Total cost = $AU3717 + $AU1000 = $4717

Conclusion – buying XE 6 now will get you started on the new features, and may just save a few hundred dollars (even more if you decide you don’t really need the XE 7 upgrade).

What do Delphi XE VCL programmers gain by upgrading to Delphi XE 6?

FireDAC database components and technology

  • very easy to migrate legacy BDE apps to FireDAC which is a far better solution than the now deprecated BDE
  • easily support different data types when programming for different databases such as Oracle vs MS SQL Server

Compile for 64-bit Windows applications

VCL styling – but XE6 Update 1 has bug issues with menus if any menu item has menuitem.visible = false

Live bindings to allow making almost any control data aware with a much improved binding interface

Easy REST client programming

Support for Windows 8 and “metro” style windows apps optimised for touch

Support for portable device sensor technologies such as location, gyroscope, etc.

Taskbar manager to allow nice taskbar icons showing app screen shots or button controls

Improved Datasnap

Zip file support

Easier remote debugging

Improved IDE Insight to help you find things while you program

App tethering

  • this allows your apps to easily discover and talk to each other across a network – this could be Win-Win or Win-iOS or Win-Android, etc
  • NB. Bluetooth tethering will probably come in XE 7

Improved IDE stability and quality control

Access cloud based BaaS – although these services are quite expensive

Wait, and there is more – the now maturing FireMonkey cross-platform technology

Much of the initial issues and bugs in FireMonkey and the process of developing for other platforms such as MacOS, iOS 7, and Android has been improved and simplified.

XE6 now also allows Google Glass development.

In app monetization via advertising banners and in-app purchase functionality – BUT only for Android and iOS apps

If developing native apps for these platforms is important then one should at least consider what FireMonkey can offer.

Others may prefer to just create web apps based upon HTML5 technology, but this may miss out on providing the same user experiences.

And as and added bonus, before 30th June – you get one free Embarcadero tool and some free goodies :

The price of the Embarcadero tool cannot exceed the price of your upgrade, and you must have installed and registered your upgrade, then accessed the bonus tool before 15th July.

The other free goodies include TMS VCL components including Smooth Controls Pack, Metro Pack and Windows 7 pack, total value of which would be worth around $AU300.

More information:

The ADUG president, Lachlan Gemmell, has created an excellent webinar describing these benefits for VCL programmers and this can be downloaded from Steve Arena’s online store for free.


What can we expect in Delphi XE 7 later this year?

  • Multi-Device Designer and Smart Layout Components.
  • iOS Native Controls.
  • DataSnap (EMS) device tracking/reporting mgmt. console, etc.
  • Bluetooth component with App Tethering Support.
  • More device support (Pebble Watch, Google Wearables SDK).
  • iOS8 and Android version upgrade.
  • more bug fixes – especially the VCLStyles menu bug – although hopefully this will be addressed in XE6 via a hotfix


Happy upgrading.